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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spinning Liquid Mirror - New Release

My new release 'Spinning Liquid Mirror' is now available from Fabrica Records.

ORBLESS Spinning Liquid Mirror C-30 (Excerpts) by Fabrica

Spinning Liquid Mirror is a suite of deep journeys through modular synthesis. Influenced by research into planetary harmonics, phenomenological frequencies, and zero point energy systems, Orbless has delved headlong into closed system frequency modulation and self generated looping patches. With SLM, Orbless has pushed further into new realms of synthesis based composition.

It can be found here.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Experimental Notations

I have a new composition in this group show "Experimental Notations" at Royal Nonesuch Gallery.

The piece is based on planetary harmonics and is titled
“188.16 Hz for Four Variations on a Sine Wave”

Experimental Notations
Curated by Jeff Ray of Mission Creek Music and Art Festival in collaboration with Royal NoneSuch Gallery and MacArthur B Arthur Gallery

September 9–October 2, 2011
Opening: September 9, 7-10pm

Royal NoneSuch Gallery and MacArthur b arthur in collaboration with Mission Creek Music and Arts Festival will host Experimental Notations, an exhibition of dialogues between sound and visual representation, and the systems or interpretive strategies that inspire them. Through video, drawing, and sculpture, these non-traditional scores will be accompanied by the sound which inspired their creation, or, resulted from the score. The exhibition will take place at both Royal NoneSuch Gallery and at our neighbor, MacArthur b arthur. More details about the exhibition and live music events can be found below.

Exhibition Artists:
Royal NoneSuch:
Katrina Lamb
Wayne Grim & Carey Lin & Kate O'Donnell
Michelle King
Jill Auckenthaler
Audra Wolowiec
Collin McKelvey
Michael Kelly
Farley Gwazda

MacArthur b arthur:
Jeff Kaiser
Scott Kiernan
Veronica Graham & Jesse Eisenhower
Chris Vogel
Brian Caraway
Matt Ingalls
Jesse Boardman Kauppila
Joel St. Julien & Jesus Beltran
Andy Lambert

Live Music:
Royal NoneSuch:
Zachary James Watkins & Matt Ingalls
Sunday, September 11, 4pm
Ellul & Deletist
Sunday, September 25, 4pm

MacArthur b arthur:
Pine and Radius
Sunday, September 18, 4pm

A description of the piece:
“188.16 Hz for Four Variations on a Sine Wave” is a composition based in planetary harmonics. Every object has a resonant frequency, including planets. Using the diameter of the Earth at its equator as the starting point, I have prepared a composition based around the resonant frequency derived from this. It is a sixteen-minute piece performed on tone generator, HP oscillator, Arrick Robotics voltage controlled oscillator, and guitar all resonating at or around 188.16 Hz. It is not precisely at 188.16 Hz except for the first few minutes because each sound source has differing waveforms, which generates secondary harmonics that slowly fade in and out of phase causing binaural beats.
This piece is my most recent exploration of resonant harmonics, and I have composed it as open ended. This piece can be performed by any number of sound sources, only limited by its ability to resonate at 188.16 Hz. At it’s most basic, the composition should be performed by two sound sources, which is the only limiting factor involved. I hope to continue with this series and explore more resonant frequencies and methods of utilization.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 31st live at ATA in San Francisco

I will be performing along with three other great performers at ATA in San Francisco.
Excited to perform along with live film from the amazing Keith Evans.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Studio

I have spent the last couple weeks building my new studio. Tore out carpet, cleaned, built walls, painted. Was finally able to move in this weekend.
Here is a shot of me starting to get it arranged.

View through the door.

Close ups

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sound and Shape III

Video from the performance

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sound and Shape

Participated ad Interacted with this amazing sound sculpture built by Chris Duncan and Jason Leggiere. Amazing giant stringed instrument in a triangular form with a mirrored floor completing the diamond. Amplified strings, creaks, wooden percussive sounds. More performances with other amazing artists.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Pictures

Photos from the last show

I also picked up a few new modules

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Performing on March 4th

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The Smell 1/13/11

Here is video from my recent performance at The Smell in LA.  The lineup was Joseph Hammer, Sean McCann, Terrors, and myself.
Artist Kelly Lynn Jones created a sound specific video piece to go along with the performance.
I hope you enjoy.

Orbless live at The Smell with video from Kelly Lynn Jones from Collin McKelvey on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


A new year.

So, I am preparing for a show at The Smell in LA for January 13th. Will be performing with Joseph Hammer, Sean McCann and Lolly Gesserit. It should be an awesome show, video component to it and will have some new Beach House stuff for sale.
I have been working on some new material, and finished up a new release that will be released very soon called "Bergamot Sequence".  Also have some other things in the works.

Here is a short clip from a performance at NOMA Gallery in San Francisco on 11/10/10. The performance was for the release of the Sights & Sounds book which was created and published by Little Paper Planes. The publishing project compiles 16 artists who all contributed sound, text, and visual components to the project. More info can be found here:

I also recently participated in a show at Sight School in Oakland with the artist Kelly Lynn Jones.
Here are some shots from the closing night. I had two separate pieces in the show. One consisted of a wall-sized reel to reel 1/4" tape loop. It was recording the ambient sounds and playing them back into the space with the erase head disabled creating a "wall of sound". The other component consisted of two tape players that were listened to simultaneously. The recordings on the tapes were gathered during the four weeks of the residency and compiled weekly. The raw recordings were then manipulated and transferred to cassette. The way the recordings are presented address the way in which memories are formed and last as well as the ideas of public versus private space.