Saturday, October 2, 2010


New cassette to be released tonight at my performance at Baer Ridgway Exhibitions.

Ruin Machine
c-22 chrome tape pro imprinted black shell with white ink and a full color double-sided j-card
in an edition of 100 [BH010]

*disclaimer* inside image is a screenshot of the film "Logan's Run" that I further manipulated, which was not printed on the actual sleeve. *disclaimer*

Sunday, September 26, 2010


October 2nd

I will be performing in conjuction with Chris Duncan's solo show Eye Against I at Baer Ridgway Exhibitions on October 2nd, along with Shock.
The Orbless set will involve a recent video piece that I made specifically for this show.
There will also be a new Orbless release available titled Ruin Machine.

At Baer Ridgway Exhibitions
172 Minna Street
San Francisco CA
6-9 pm

Monday, July 12, 2010


Two upcoming shows that I am really excited about.

August 14 at Sight School

I will be performing at Sigh School Gallery in Oakland CA.
This is an exciting opportunity where I will be able to work with some new ideas I have been figuring out and I am planning on using a quadraphonic setup. I will be performing in collaboration with Joshua Churchill and Paul Clipson doing film.

October 2 at Baer Ridgway Exhibitions in San Francisco CA

I was asked by artist Chris Duncan to participate in a series of events that will be occurring during his solo show at the gallery. I will be setting up in the downstairs gallery surrounded by his photographs and installation. I plan to create a piece that is informed and inspired by his work and the ideas he was working with in creating the body of work.
Baer Ridgway Exhibitions
Chris Duncan

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Happenings

There are two new releases coming out.

The first will be released on June 30th by Mars Pyramid Records based out of Burlington Vermont. I really dig the aesthetic they have been working with and I think it works very well with the music. Check it out here

Also to be released in the near future is a split cassette on Accidie / Gifts Nobody Wants Records. It will be an Orbless/Chen Santa Maria split and I am really excited for this one as well, the artwork for it looks great.

Here is some video from a two recent shows that I played. The second video is the first time playing out with my modular that I have been building up over the last year. Hope you enjoy.