Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Smell 1/13/11

Here is video from my recent performance at The Smell in LA.  The lineup was Joseph Hammer, Sean McCann, Terrors, and myself.
Artist Kelly Lynn Jones created a sound specific video piece to go along with the performance.
I hope you enjoy.

Orbless live at The Smell with video from Kelly Lynn Jones from Collin McKelvey on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


A new year.

So, I am preparing for a show at The Smell in LA for January 13th. Will be performing with Joseph Hammer, Sean McCann and Lolly Gesserit. It should be an awesome show, video component to it and will have some new Beach House stuff for sale.
I have been working on some new material, and finished up a new release that will be released very soon called "Bergamot Sequence".  Also have some other things in the works.

Here is a short clip from a performance at NOMA Gallery in San Francisco on 11/10/10. The performance was for the release of the Sights & Sounds book which was created and published by Little Paper Planes. The publishing project compiles 16 artists who all contributed sound, text, and visual components to the project. More info can be found here:

I also recently participated in a show at Sight School in Oakland with the artist Kelly Lynn Jones.
Here are some shots from the closing night. I had two separate pieces in the show. One consisted of a wall-sized reel to reel 1/4" tape loop. It was recording the ambient sounds and playing them back into the space with the erase head disabled creating a "wall of sound". The other component consisted of two tape players that were listened to simultaneously. The recordings on the tapes were gathered during the four weeks of the residency and compiled weekly. The raw recordings were then manipulated and transferred to cassette. The way the recordings are presented address the way in which memories are formed and last as well as the ideas of public versus private space.