Friday, April 17, 2009


I have been very busy working on new material. For Slaughtering Dolphins, I have a tape coming out on Cavelife, out of LA, titled "The Tropics", all inspired by research I did into maritime history. That release is all material that was recorded throughout 2008. I have also been very busy with my other project, Liminal Planes, which I have been very stoked on. It is the duo of myself and Eric (of Phantom Pains). We have been recording and working out material for releases and for a west coast tour this summer. We have had our label (Beach House Records) going for a short time and have new tapes ready to go for that. Coming soon to Beach House are: A new Liminal Planes self titled tape, A Phantom Pains tape titled "Disappointment After Disappointment", and a Slaughtering Dolphins tape entitled "Lift Me Out". These three releases should be ready to go out as a whole in May. I have also been recording other new material that will be coming out later in the year. I have a William Blake inspired work that is pretty much done and I am also in the very early stages of a conceptual work that will probably take a few years, details will be revealed eventually.

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