Monday, July 12, 2010


Two upcoming shows that I am really excited about.

August 14 at Sight School

I will be performing at Sigh School Gallery in Oakland CA.
This is an exciting opportunity where I will be able to work with some new ideas I have been figuring out and I am planning on using a quadraphonic setup. I will be performing in collaboration with Joshua Churchill and Paul Clipson doing film.

October 2 at Baer Ridgway Exhibitions in San Francisco CA

I was asked by artist Chris Duncan to participate in a series of events that will be occurring during his solo show at the gallery. I will be setting up in the downstairs gallery surrounded by his photographs and installation. I plan to create a piece that is informed and inspired by his work and the ideas he was working with in creating the body of work.
Baer Ridgway Exhibitions
Chris Duncan

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